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The Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia is primarily aimed at anesthesiologists who deal with patients undergoing cardiac, thoracic or vascular surgical procedures. JCVA features a multidisciplinary approach, with contributions from cardiac, vascular and thoracic surgeons, cardiologists, and other related specialists. Emphasis is placed on rapid publication of clinically relevant material. The journal is international in scope and encourages innovative submissions from all continents. Editor(s): Joel A. Kaplan, MD Frequency: Published 6 times a year. ISSN: 1053-0770 E-ISSN: 1532-8422

JUNIO 2013 VOL 27


1. Masthead

Pag. i -

2. Editorial Board

Pag. ii - v

3. Contents

Pag. vi - x

4. Articles to Appear in Future Issues

Pag. xi -

5. Intrathecal Morphine: The Forgotten Child

Pag. 413 - 416
Cohen, Edmond

6. Low-Dose Spinal Morphine for Post-Thoracotomy Pain: A Prospective Randomized Study

Pag. 417 - 422
Suksompong, Sirilak
pongpayuha, Ploynaree
lertpaitoonpan, Warunya
von Bormann, Benno
phanchaipetch, Teeravit
sanansilp, Vimolluck

7. Epidural Versus ON-Q Local Anesthetic-Infiltrating Catheter for Post-Thoracotomy Pain Control

Pag. 423 - 426
Gebhardt, Rodolfo
john Mehran, Reza
soliz, Jose
cata, Juan P.
k. Smallwood, Ashley
feeley, Thomas W.

8. Effects of Nefopam on Early Postoperative Hyperalgesia After Cardiac Surgery

Pag. 427 - 435
Richebé, Philippe
picard, Walter
rivat, Cyril
jelacic, Srdjan
branchard, Olivier
leproust, Sandy
cahana, Alex
janvier, Gérard

9. Perioperative Anesthetic and Surgical Complications of the Nuss Procedure

Pag. 436 - 440
Umuroglu, Tumay
bostancı, Korkut
thomas, David Terence
yuksel, Mustafa
yilmaz Gogus, F.

10. Comparison of Respiratory Mechanics in Adult Patients Undergoing Minimally Invasive Repair of the Pectus Excavatum and Removal of a Pectus Bar

Pag. 441 - 444
Moon, Young Eun
kim, Jeong Eun
park, Hyung Joo

11. Thoracic Epidural Anesthesia Improves Early Outcome in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery for Mitral Regurgitation: A Propensity-Matched Study

Pag. 445 - 450
Monaco, Fabrizio
biselli, Camilla
landoni, Giovanni
de Luca, Monica
lembo, Rosalba
covello, Remo Daniel
zangrillo, Alberto

12. Local Versus Epidural Anesthesia in Fast-Track Abdominal Aortic Surgery

Pag. 451 - 458
Renghi, Alessandra
gramaglia, Luca
casella, Francesco
moniaci, Diego
gaboli, Katia
brustia, Piero

13. Hemodynamic Effects of Combination Therapy With Inhaled Nitric Oxide and Iloprost in Patients With Pulmonary Hypertension and Right Ventricular Dysfunction After High-Risk Cardiac Surgery

Pag. 459 - 466
Antoniou, Theofani
koletsis, Efstratios N.
prokakis, Christos
rellia, Panagiota
thanopoulos, Apostolos
theodoraki, Kassiani
zarkalis, Dimitrios
sfyrakis, Petros

14. Cardiopulmonary Bypass During a Second-Lung Implantation Improves Postoperative Oxygenation After Sequential Double-Lung Transplantation

Pag. 467 - 473
Rozé, Hadrien
thumerel, Matthieu
barandon, Laurent
dromer, Claire
perrier, Virginie
jougon, Jacques
velly, Jean-françois
ouattara, Alexandre

15. Occult Pulmonary Embolism in Intensive Care Unit Patients Undergoing Chest Computed Tomography Scan: Incidence and Effect on Outcomes

Pag. 474 - 478
Arnoult, Elodie
wiramus, Sandrine
textoris, Julien
craighero, Fabien
ragonnet, Benoit
hammad, Emmanuelle
chaumoître, Kathia
martin, Claude
leone, Marc

16. Effects of High-Dose Ulinastatin on Inflammatory Response and Pulmonary Function in Patients With Type-A Aortic Dissection After Cardiopulmonary Bypass Under Deep Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest

Pag. 479 - 484
Xu, Chong-en
zou, Cheng-wei
zhang, Meng-yuan
guo, Ling

17. Evaluation of Autonomic Reserves in Cardiac Surgery Patients

Pag. 485 - 493
Deschamps, Alain
denault, André
rochon, Antoine
cogan, Jennifer
pagé, Pierre
d'antono, Bianca

18. Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Mediates the First and Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Mediates the Second Window of Desflurane-Induced Preconditioning

Pag. 494 - 501
Redel, Andreas
stumpner, Jan
smul, Thorsten M.
lange, Markus
jazbutyte, Virginija
ridyard, Douglas G.
roewer, Norbert
kehl, Franz

19. Isoflurane Prevents Neurocognitive Dysfunction After Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Rats

Pag. 502 - 509
Li, Wen
zheng, Beijie
xu, Huan
deng, Yuxiao
wang, Shuyan
wang, Xiangrui
su, Diansan

20. High-Dose Propofol Reduces S-100β Protein and Neuron-Specific Enolase Levels in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery

Pag. 510 - 515
Ma, Gang
chen, Jinhua
meng, Xiangkun
deng, Liqin
gao, Yuhua
meng, Jinhai

21. Incidence and Predictors of Poor Laryngoscopic View in Children Undergoing Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Pag. 516 - 521
Heinrich, Sebastian
birkholz, Torsten
ihmsen, Harald
irouschek, Andrea
ackermann, Andreas
cesnjevar, Robert
schmidt, Joachim

22. Vocal Cord Paralysis After Aortic Surgery

Pag. 522 - 527
Dilisio, Ralph P.
mazzeffi, Michael A.
bodian, Carol A.
fischer, Gregory W.

23. Noise Levels in Modern Operating Rooms During Surgery

Pag. 528 - 530
Ginsberg, Steven H.
pantin, Enrique
kraidin, Jonathan
solina, Alann
panjwani, Sahani
yang, Guang

24. Impact of Online Transesophageal Echocardiographic Simulation on Learning to Navigate the 20 Standard Views

Pag. 531 - 535
Vegas, Annette
meineri, Massimiliano
jerath, Angela
corrin, Michael
silversides, Candice
tait, Gordon

25. Analgesic Benefits of Preincisional Transversus Abdominis Plane Block for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair

Pag. 536 - 538
Abdallah, Faraj W.
adham, Al Moataz Billah F.
chan, Vincent W.
kanazi, Ghassan E.

26. Left Mainstem Bronchial Tear Manifesting as Sudden Upsurge in End-Tidal CO2 During Thoracoscopic Tracheoesophageal Fistula Repair

Pag. 539 - 541
Kwok, Wing H.
wong, Man K.
ho, Anthony M.-h.
critchley, Lester A.h.
karmakar, Manoj K.

27. Improvement of PaO2 During One-Lung Ventilation With Partial Left-Heart Bypass in Pediatric Patients Is Caused by Increased Blood Flow to the Dependent Lung

Pag. 542 - 545
Yuki, Koichi
chilson, Kelly
dinardo, James A.

28. Complications of Percutaneous Mitral Balloon Valvotomy: Usefulness of Real-Time 3-Dimensional Technology

Pag. 546 - 548
Shin, Joyce J.
alfirevic, Andrej
navia, Jose L.

29. Accessory Mitral Valve Associated With Coarctation of the Aorta and Bicuspid Aortic Valve Without Left Ventricular Outflow Tract Obstruction

Pag. 549 - 550
Gilbertson, Christopher K.
weldner, Paul W.
connors, Christopher W.

30. Pulmonary Hypertension in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery: Pathophysiology, Perioperative Management, and Outcomes

Pag. 551 - 572
Thunberg, Christopher A.
gaitan, Brantley Dollar
grewal, Ashanpreet
ramakrishna, Harish
stansbury, Lynn G.
grigore, Alina M.

31. Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation: An Intraoperative Echocardiographic Perspective

Pag. 573 - 585
Shakil, Omair
jainandunsing, Jayant S.
ilic, Romina
matyal, Robina
mahmood, Feroze

32. Anesthetic Management of Robotically Assisted Totally Endoscopic Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (TECAB)

Pag. 586 - 599
Deshpande, Seema P.
lehr, Eric
odonkor, Patrick
bonatti, Johannes O.
kalangie, Maudy
zimrin, David A.
grigore, Alina M.

33. A Tribute to Dr Willem J. Kolff: Innovative Inventor, Physician, Scientist, Bioengineer, Mentor, and Significant Contributor to Modern Cardiovascular Surgical and Anesthetic Practice

Pag. 600 - 613
Stanley, Theodore H.

34. CASE 3—2013: Maldistribution of Cardioplegia Detected by Transesophageal Echocardiography During Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

Pag. 614 - 619
Manecke Jr, Gerard R.
coletta, Joelle M.
pretorius, Victor
ahn, Yvonne
bowdle, Andrew
mokadam, Nahush A.
mittnacht, Alexander
fischer, Gregory W.

35. Progress in Platelet Blockers: The Target is the P2Y12 Receptor

Pag. 620 - 624
Patel, Prakash A.
lane, Bernard
augoustides, John G.t.

36. Major Surgery, Hemodynamic Instability, and a Left Atrial Appendage Clot: What to Do?

Pag. 625 - 626
Bergman, Remco
shakil, Omair
mahmood, Bilal
matyal, Robina

37. Anesthesiologists and Transesophageal Echocardiography: Echocardiographers or Echocardiologists?

Pag. 627 -
Bergman, Remco
mahmood, Feroze

38. A Small Circular Structure in the Right Atrium: A Cause for Right Atrial and Ventricular Dilatation?

Pag. 628 - 630
Plambeck, Christopher J.
eiseman, Marc S.
iqbal, Zafar
pagel, Paul S.

39. Arterial Desaturation and Left Atrial Contrast Opacification After Tetralogy of Fallot Repair

Pag. 631 - 633
Maddali, Madan Mohan
sanjeev, Gopalakrishnan Nair
al-delamie, Taha Yas
al-farqani, Abdulla

40. An Unusual Radio-Opaque Shadow in the Chest Radiograph After Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Pag. 634 - 635
Chakravarthy, Murali
krishnamoorthy, Jayaprakash
suryaprakash, Sharadaprasad
muniraju, Geetha
jose, Jijan
jawali, Vivek

41. Cardiac Calendar—2013 to 2020

Pag. e19 - e20

42. Successful Echocardiography-Guided Management of Refractory Postoperative Hypotension After Alfieri Repair of the Mitral Valve

Pag. e21 - e22
Garg, Shuchita
kumar, Avinash B.

43. Another Use for Transesophageal Echocardiography During Aortic Valve Bypass Surgery

Pag. e22 - e23
Wilson, Justin W.
bick, Julian
thompson, Annemarie

44. Rescue Transesophageal Echocardiography for the Diagnosis and Management of Paradoxical Carbon Dioxide Embolism With Hemodynamic Compromise During Laparoscopic Surgery

Pag. e23 - e24
Patel, Jonah H.
szymanski, Trevor J.
metzler, Elise C.
worthington, Andrea H.
body, Simon C.
lu, Jeffrey T.

45. Supplemental Magnesium for Prevention of Atrial Fibrillation: Role of Diabetes Mellitus

Pag. e24 - e25
Najafi, Mahdi

46. Difficulty in the Diagnosis of a Retained Guidewire Within the Central Venous Catheter

Pag. e25 - e26
Umesh, Goneppanavar
joseph Tim, Thomas
paul, Anu
samad Amjad, Abdul

47. Bronchial Blocker Versus Double-Lumen Tube for Lung Isolation With Massive Hemoptysis During Cardiac Surgery

Pag. e26 - e28
Awad, Hamdy
malik, Obaid
hollis, Kevin
santiago, Michelle
islam, Shaheen
crestanello, Juan A.

48. The Problems of Using Unreliable Evidence in Consensus Group Decision-Making

Pag. e28 - e29
Peter Alston, R.
mcmullan, Victoria

49. Reply: Summarizing Randomized Evidence With Clinically Relevant Outcomes Performed in the Perioperative Period

Pag. e29 - e30
Landoni, Giovanni
conte, Massimiliano
székely, Andrea
comis, Marco
pasero, Daniela
pasin, Laura
mucchetti, Marta
paternoster, Gianluca
del Sarto, Paolo A.
rodseth, Reitze N.

50. Major Pulmonary Embolism and Patent Foramen Ovale

Pag. e30 - e31
Alingrin, Julie
carillion, Aude
martin, Angeline
saade, Yves
malinovsky, Jean-marc

51. Should High Thoracic Epidural Analgesia Be Dismissed in Cardiac Surgery?

Pag. e32 -
Liang, Yong X.
dong, He
song, Jian F.

52. Imperfect ‘Swan’

Pag. e32 - e34
Maddali, Madan Mohan
dsouza, Mona
nasser Al-maskari, Salim

53. High Thoracic Epidural Analgesia and Cardiac Performance

Pag. e34 - e35
Liang, Yong Xin
dong, He
sun, Yun Bo

54. Reply: High Thoracic Epidural Analgesia and Cardiac Performance

Pag. e35 -
Jakobsen, Carl-johan
nielsen, Dorthe Viemose
ryhammer, Pia Katarina
bhavsar, Rajesh
sloth, Erik
greisen, Jacob

55. Further Studies Should Evaluate Cardiac Output Measurement by the Nexfin Device

Pag. e35 - e36
Balta, Sevket
aydogan, Mehmet
kucuk, Ugur
demırkol, Sait
unlu, Murat
arslan, Zekeriya

56. Reply: Further Studies Ought to Evaluate the Cardiac Output Measurement by Nexfin Device

Pag. e36 - e37
Trinkmann, F.
saur, J.