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Journal Description Devoted to the publication of information of interest and importance to practising anaesthetists everywhere, Paediatric Anaesthesia aims to be truly international in policy and flavour. The scientific and clinical content of the journal covers a wide selection of medical disciplines in all areas relevant to anaesthesia and intensive care in new-borns, infants and children. Paediatric Anaesthesia has an intercontinental Editorial Board, which is supported by the Editorial Advisory Panel of recognized experts from around the world, to ensure that the journal is publishing the best work from the front line of research in the field. In addition to top quality scientific and clinical research papers and commissioned commentary articles, there are sections covering case presentations; book reviews; correspondence; reports of local, national and international meetings; and a diary of forthcoming events.



1. Anesthetists rather than anesthetics are the threat to baby brains.

Pag. 881 - 882
Weiss, Markus
bissonnette, Bruno
engelhardt, Thomas
soriano, Sulpicio

2. Educational outcome in adolescence following pyloric stenosis repair before 3 months of age: a nationwide cohort study.

Pag. 883 - 890
Hansen, Tom
pedersen, Jacob
henneberg, Steen
morton, Neil
christensen, Kaare

3. Evaluation of the aepEX(TM) monitor of hypnotic depth in pediatric patients receiving propofol-remifentanil anesthesia.

Pag. 891 - 897
Cheung, Yuen
scoones, Gail
hoeks, Sanne
stolker, Robert
weber, Frank

4. The effects of ketamine on dexmedetomidine-induced electrophysiologic changes in children.

Pag. 898 - 905
Char, Danton
drover, David
motonaga, Kara
gupta, Sanjiv
miyake, Christina
dubin, Anne
hammer, Gregory

5. Intravenous versus intramuscular epinephrine administration during cardiopulmonary resuscitation - a pilot study in piglets.

Pag. 906 - 912
Mauch, Jacqueline
ringer, Simone
spielmann, Nelly
weiss, Markus

6. A randomized controlled comparison of the Bonfils fiberscope and the GlideScope Cobalt AVL video laryngoscope for visualization of the larynx and intubation of the trachea in infants and small children with normal airways.

Pag. 913 - 919
Kaufmann, Jost
laschat, Michael
hellmich, Martin
wappler, Frank

7. Incidence of difficult bag-mask ventilation in children: a prospective observational study.

Pag. 920 - 926
Valois-gomez, Teresa
oofuvong, Maliwan
auer, Grant
coffin, Donna
loetwiriyakul, Witthaya
correa, Jose

8. A randomized comparison of the laryngeal mask airway supreme(TM) and laryngeal mask airway unique(TM) in infants and children: does cuff pressure influence leak pressure?.

Pag. 927 - 933
Jagannathan, Narasimhan
sohn, Lisa
sommers, Katherine
belvis, Dawn
shah, Ravi
sawardekar, Amod
eidem, Jami
dagraca, Justin
mukherji, Isabella

9. Digital palpation of endotracheal tube tip as a method of confirming endotracheal tube position in neonates: an open-label, three-armed randomized controlled trial.

Pag. 934 - 939
Saboo, Ashwin
dutta, Sourabh
sodhi, Kushaljit

10. Autonomic cardio-respiratory reflex reactions and superselective ophthalmic arterial chemotherapy for retinoblastoma.

Pag. 940 - 945
Phillips, Trudie
mcguirk, Simon
chahal, Hardeep
kingston, Judith
robertson, Fergus
brew, Stefan
roebuck, Derek
hungerford, John
herod, Jane

11. Impact of sevoflurane anesthesia on cerebral blood flow in children younger than 2 years.

Pag. 946 - 951
Rhondali, Ossam
mahr, Aurelie
simonin-lansiaux, Sabine
de Queiroz, Mathilde
rhzioual-berrada, Khalid
combet, Sylvie
cejka, Jean-christophe
chassard, Dominique

12. Oxymetazoline and hypertensive crisis in a child: can we prevent it?.

Pag. 952 - 956
Latham, Gregory
jardine, David

13. Thiopentone and its challengers.

Pag. 957 - 958
Brown, T.

14. Continuous postoperative analgesia via quadratus lumborum block - an alternative to transversus abdominis plane block.

Pag. 959 - 961
Visoiu, Mihaela
yakovleva, Nataliya

15. Response to: PAN-2013-0130 - 'Pain monitoring in anesthetized children: first assessment of skin conductance and analgesia-nociception index at different infusion rates of remifentanil', recommended preset values for the skin conductance equipment was not used.

Pag. 962 -
Sabourdin, Nada
arnaout, Michel
louvet, Nicolas
guye, Marie-laurence
piana, Federica
constant, Isabelle

16. Left molar approach of laryngoscopy for pediatric patients with uncorrected cleft palate.

Pag. 962 - 963
Sener, Mesut

17. Motor blockade of abdominal muscles following a TAP block presenting as an abdominal bulge.

Pag. 963 - 964
Furstein, James
abd-elsayed, Alaa
wittkugel, Eric
barnett, Sean
sadhasivam, Senthilkumar

18. Simplified table to identify overweight and obese children undergoing anesthesia.

Pag. 964 - 966
Nafiu, Olubukola
curcio, Christine

19. Awareness in children and the auxiliary fresh gas flow outlet switch - another significant problem.

Pag. 966 - 968
Shanmuganathan, Yoga
siow, Yew
raghavan, Kavitha

20. Unanticipated subglottic stenosis complicating airway management of a child with Langer-Giedion syndrome.

Pag. 968 - 969
Kumar, Kanil
dehran, Maya
rangasamy, Valluvan
govindarajan, Srinivasa

21. Comment on 'Prevention of intraoperative hypothermia[horizontal ellipsis]' Witt L, Denhardt N, Eich C et al.

Pag. 970 -
Cassey, John
armstrong, Peter
colyvas, Kim
stanger, Rohan